red shell and kitchen table
red totem close up
individual living shells in a temporary warehouse space
yellow shell
green shell
kitchen close up
kitchen detail
communal cinema - lounging area
garden bench

In collaboration with MINI LIVING we developed a scenario that fosters and celebrates close collaboration between urban residents and architects. One of the key motives of MINI LIVING was to explore the potential of unused urban space. This installation demonstrates the innovative and collaborative thinking on this topic, as it transforms a vacant industrial space into a dynamic dwelling for a community to enjoy. Personal space and community areas are distinct from one another yet cleverly intertwined, offering residents the power to choose when their dwellings can be opened up. As such, communal areas become extensions of private spaces.

Four SHELLS define individual rooms and are equipped with TOTEMS— highly individualised, integrated pieces of furniture that cater to the everyday needs of the inhabitants. The compact modules are spacial structures with various levels for retreat and sleep, as well as integrated storage for clothes and personal items. Although inventive in design, they are deeply functional areas that give space to sleep, eat and work.

Areas between the personal SHELLS serve as communal spaces. The shared kitchen was designed as a meeting place for guests and residents. A community kitchen table serves as a dining and working area for larger gatherings, and the ‘Amphitheatre’ provides open space for lively discussions, film screenings, and any number of public events.
The communal garden offers the opportunity to relax and connect with nature and the gym encourages invigorating activity.


Mini Living Exhibition Milan