Bird Frame
Bird Frame at 100% design show

After the success of 10 TEN X in 2006 and TEN AGAIN in 2007, the same designers joined forces in 2008 for WOOD, with the support of the Crafts Council to present a collection of sustainable, wooden products at 100% Design during London Design Festival.

Studiomama designed the 'frame' bird feeder to encourage interaction and capture a moment. People are losing touch with nature as cities expand and they rarely seem to catch sight of the little wildlife that remains. During the winter, birds can find it difficult to find sufficient food. Hanging the 'frame' bird feeder in a garden or on a terrace can help local birdlife, as well as celebrating a closer relationship with nature.

The Frame Bird Feeder was part of a national tour of the exhibition supported by the Crafts Council and was exhibited at the William Morris Gallery and sold through design retailer twentytwentyone.

Bird Frame Feeder 2008