water tower carafe
Connected pipe carafe
Pipe carafe

The London On Tap campaign was conceived by Thames Water to encourage the consumption of tap water in the capital’s restaurants as an environmental alternative to bottled water. As part of the campaign, the Crafts Council ran a competition to design an iconic glass carafe and invited Studiomama to take part.

The carafe had to be an open-topped container with a flared lip – and made out of recycled glass. Studiomama created two designs – Connected Pipe and Water Tower. Inspired by the infrastructure of piping, pumps, and water purification works that delivers water at the turn of a tap and referencing the functional design of its constituent elements, the first design features a wider tapered base to keep ice at its base, a generous opening for filling, and a bend in the tube to provide a generous spout for easy poring. Referencing elevated water storage containers which keep water at the correct pressure, the second carafe has a generous opening at the top, which makes it very quick and easy to fill with water and ice – and is stackable for more efficient storage.

Both carafes were shortlisted from thousands of entries to the final ten.

Carafes proposal for Thames Water