1x1 trestle
1 X 1 Trestle A
1 X 1 Trestle B
1 X 1 Trestle C
1 X 1 Trestle D
1 X 1 Trestle E
Trestles together

After the success of 10 TEN X, the same designers joined forces the following year at 2007’s 100% Design for TEN AGAIN to each make an edition of 10 pieces from scaffolding planks.

Taking lengths of 1” x 1” timber, made by slicing scaffolding planks lengthways, we created a collection of five different trestles, each of which combined geometrical forms in a different way to create a flat surface on which to rest a tabletop.

The collection was completed with a series of interior objects, including lamps, a chair, a ruler and hooks all made from the same 1” x 1” wooden sections.

The simplicity of the section and rawness of the wood fused well together and led to a collaboration with Habitat including a table, floor and pendant lamp.


1 X 1 Trestles 2007