wardrobe closed up
wardrobe partly opened up
wardrobe nearly fully opened up as a screen
draws detail

‘On returning back to London from a stint in Stockholm, we saw that there was an opportunity to re-think our live/work space. This concept came about as a solution towards creating more storage, and at the same time having a flexible room divider’ says Nina Tolstrup co founder of Studiomama.

The need was to create a flexible screen that contains storage and which could be opened to create to feel of space or closed to divide the space. The metamorphic wardrobe is a space saving solution. The screen can opened up in different formations – closed, half or fully open, to give a choice of privacy or the openness whilst maintaining line of sight in the space.

‘Instead of building walls and dividing the space up permanently – we found that this solution with a flexible and non-permanent screen to divide the space into two when needed – gave us the opportunity to use our space in an optimal way’. says Jack Mama partner in Studiomama


Whilst the metamorphic wardrobe can fulfil the need for more flexible living/work scenarios, Studiomama is busy evolving adaptations, which can be applied to office spaces where these flexible screens can function as mobile workstations and storage units

Materials & Construction

The wardrobe has been made with a simple and light structure that can be taken apart. It is lightweight and the use of material is minimal for a wardrobe of this size and it can be transported in a flat packed way, which makes it versatile and easy to move. The wardrobe drawers have been added as a separate structure – again with the flexibility of having drawers or not in the wardrobe.,The textile can be changed to colours and patterns of your own choice.

The structural frame for the wardrobe is made with maple wood. A hard, dense and heavy wood – that is suitable for a structure to hold the screens and wardrobe drawers. The adaptive screens are attached to the structural frame and made of Cedar wood. The Cedar wood is light wood – which suits this cantilevered structure of the frames and the Cedar wood has also got the perfect properties for a wardrobe with a lovely aroma and a natural repel of months and insects.

Photo credit: Dennis Pedersen and Elsa Young

Metamorphic Wardrobe come Space Divider