In response to the insight that we will be an entirely urban species within 100 years, futures agency FranklinTill briefed us to bring the idea of ‘micro living’ to life within a 9m2 exhibition space at Heimtextil in Frankfurt, by creating a flexible, adaptable and transformable home for a nomadic city dweller.

Inspired by our ongoing fascination with small space living and previous projects such as the 13m2 house, we explored the basic functions of a dwelling (cooking, eating, relaxing, working, etc) looking for functional synergies.

Having identified them, we created three integrated living modules or ‘furnitecture’ pieces which work both independently and, when interlocked in any one of an infinite number of possible configurations, provide for all the basic functions for living.

The colour palette reflected the ‘soft minimal’ trend identified by FranklinTill and we used off-the-shelf sheet materials, such as plywood, textiles and corrugated sheet. We painted the corrugated sheet to domesticate it and treated the plywood with oil and white pigment to give it a light and Scandinavian feel. 

‘The Micro Home conceived by Studiomama is an ideal space for Generation Rent: it is a tiny yet cosy modular space that can be constantly reconfigured,’ said CoolHunting

‘Responding to the increase in single occupancy homes and ever-increasingly nomadic lifestyles, each section is ingenuously designed to deliver a space that allows for life’s essential necessities, with increased flexibility in a decreased volume of space,’ said Material Lab

Photos: Jeroen van der Wielen  

Micro Home for Heimtextil, Frankfurt, 2018