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DIY trolly made in Hong Kong
DIY trolly made in Hong Kong

Building on 10 TEN X, the same designers continued to come together each year at 100% Design to showcase work that emphasised sustainability. In their fifth year, during the London Design Festival 2010, the TEN collective showed TEN PLAN, an exhibition of projects accompanied by plans and instructions.

Studiomama designed and made a mobile outdoor kitchen inspired by a summer of preparing food, cooking and eating outside and made entirely of objects and materials that could be easily sourced from a local hardware store. A gas cooking hob sits on a mobile trolley mounted on simple castors, which is made from a single sheet of plywood, a broomstick and a few screws. A bucket forms the sink, a copper pipe connected to the garden hose becomes a tap, and wastewater is collected in a watering can underneath, for reuse in the garden. A chopping board slots onto the trolley's handles to provide an extra food preparation surface, and crockery, utensils and food ingredients can be stored in a cubby hole and shelf under the hob.

Gardenista called it ‘environmentally thoughtful’ and it received coverage on Dezeen, but most importantly it is entirely open-source, and therefore supports community shops and uses local skills – either your own or those of a handyman or carpenter – and has been downloaded countless times.


Outdoor Kitchen 2010